Half of everything is communication.
Growing up we dialed zero in emergencies.
So if I appear outnumbered I still won’t call you
but drop the puppets and we’ll talk.

Did you think we had time.

Did your means justify the outcome, did
the outcome come out in the wash.
Reverse psychology at the very least
guarantees the game—

My parents liked shell games too.

Bruising was an hygienic procedure
which is why,
I dance

There might be other reasons I bring the revolution.

I didn’t love letting go
You rigged the receiving end

crawled right out of my skin

BIRCH 2014

O afternoon

O afternoon Oh lying
down into a teardrop teacup

Today I got our goat,
From Melissa,

With love.

Oh I think you— wait did you-
see how you are? You tell me
about me 
and I’ll tell you
about you is what this is. The men will honk into perpetuity.
The dogs nose is a no go.

It is our crushing duty to perform well in the face of

Think of all the possibilities. If you perform well.

7.16.16 (w/thayer)

We who are left evince logic

We who are left evince logic
We’ll have to continue on
I guess. We’re alive. Still.

But, death has come.
She’s slithered in despite
Our best crosses held against hooded corpse
I am not a dark species.
It was not the death we expected
But it does destroy the place
O now with what we’ve seen, we are
Pitched and tumbling toward ashy demise—
O life in you O life in me—

We root. When the tumble comes
Rumbling down, we root we spread, we live
We live—we live—we live—we
Live, must I heal the world in addition?

I will use all of your help
For all of your healing

I will tincture their turmoil but
It is not mine &
It is not me

5.2.16 (on prince)