We who are left evince logic

We who are left evince logic
We’ll have to continue on
I guess. We’re alive. Still.

But, death has come.
She’s slithered in despite
Our best crosses held against hooded corpse
I am not a dark species.
It was not the death we expected
But it does destroy the place
O now with what we’ve seen, we are
Pitched and tumbling toward ashy demise—
O life in you O life in me—

We root. When the tumble comes
Rumbling down, we root we spread, we live
We live—we live—we live—we
Live, must I heal the world in addition?

I will use all of your help
For all of your healing

I will tincture their turmoil but
It is not mine &
It is not me

5.2.16 (on prince)


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