Gangstalking is: ex-military and security forces paid by corporations to socially engineer (control) highly intelligent mostly female Americans. (Who ostensibly threaten the status quo).

My guess is that the stalkers in the unit downstairs have/had access to my apartment via tacit landlord management participation. Or incompetent infrastructures. Using the word ‘sensors’ for lack of a better one, I’m guessing they have installed a lot of them in my space, car, workplace. Maybe in my clothing and bags. The sensors emit sound, smell, vibration and can possibly act as microphone, camera and speakers šŸ”Š. The stalkers want you to hear them watching you. Intimidation is part of their wishlist.

They want any and all information, data is king šŸ¤¢ Fed into some state or federal database.

I changed my sheets the other day and found that one of my pillows had been stapled at the corners. It’s not how I bought it. I knew they were sniping smog at very close range when I slept. So the tampered with pillow explains a lot.

They target the pre-cognitive senses. Example: If one starts breathing deeply,(healthy) they’ll respond by aiming a toxic smell; the brain registers the threat and stops breathing deeply. It’s about control, surveillance; idiot motivations.

It’s a series of exacting crimes, remote, digital, infrared etc. Parasitic.

Much of it is is meant to happen pre-awareness, even routinely, so that the subject could fail to notice. The penultimate colonization. Women’s bodies. They’ve been trying to enact that* takeover for quite some time.

On the social, professional and relationship front, they incite a ‘social death’ that mimics slavery: isolation, suspicion, criminalizing the subject in subtle, false, even overt ways (on the internet*) so that non-subjects react and rebuke. Newly flush with status.

With women there’s a whole traditional narrative of the ‘crazy’ to work from. So when and if [she] expresses smells, strange sounds or the like, she gets flagged as a probable mental health hazard.

Because they have extensive surveillance and have been miraculously green lit (in the past) by hotels, landlords, jealous colleagues, the stalkers simply deploy a playbook of tactics. Physical impairments, an unsafe home, social ostracism, reputational damage.

No doubt it’s a full-time position wherein neighbors, jealous colleagues et al can spy as a seemingly innocent side-hustle šŸ’° as social snipers and informants (her) and actual snipers using chemical and sonic weaponry (him). See also: hacking.

Mostly while we sleep. They’re targeting vulnerabilities and working with their illegally placed digital weapons to weaken, sicken & separate the subject from herself and others. They’re targeting my skull, eyes, ears, sinuses (breathing) and more.

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